80+ Views of Mount Baker | Controversy in Seattle

I’m happy to say the last set of 8 paintings for my Vancouver show 80+ Views of Mount Baker: Final Homage to Hokusai are now complete and can be seen here on my website.

80+ VIEWS OF MOUNT BAKER – A Final Homage to Hokusai
September 13 – 26, 2018
Visual Space Gallery, 3352 Dunbar Street, Vancouver
Reception: Saturday, September 15, 2018, 5-7 PM
Artist’s Talk: “Hokusai and Me”, 10 AM Wednesday September 26, 2018

Brandon Thiessen will be hanging the series of more than 50 paintings this Wednesday, September 12. More than 40 are being shown in Vancouver for the first time. The exhibit opens at noon on Thursday, September 13.

We’ve got delicious food being planned by the most excellent caterer, Chef Claire, for the reception this coming Saturday, September 15. Please come!

Let me know (RSVP) if you are coming to the reception so I have enough wine, food, glasses etc. Let’s celebrate together the final installment of this homage to Hokusai, my artistic hero.

If you cannot make the reception, the show will be open noon–5 pm daily September 13 – October 3. It has been extended by one week. I’ll be there most days noon–5 pm and we can share a latte, cup of tea or, if late enough in the afternoon, a glass of wine, and catch up on life. Email me at haughton-art@shaw.ca and let me know you will drop by, or surprise me.


I’ve had a very interesting 48 hours since my show opened on Thursday. As you may remember, the full title of the show is Angry White Men: Explorations of the Face of Evil.

The gallery press release states, “Combine paintings of Notorious Women and Angry White Men and something explosive will occur: slap-stick comedy, melodrama or tragedy.”

I had thought there was a risk of attack from right-wing wackos. Nope! Not so far, at least!

Instead, a DJ, a few local artists and the owners of two small galleries in the same building have launched a coordinated attack. They somehow concluded that I am a “Nazi sympathizer” (because “my paintings were not ugly”). They were uninterested in dialogue – they would be satisfied only if I gave in to their coercion and took away labels, prices and, indeed, the ENTIRE SHOW from the gallery walls and the Gallery110 and my websites. The gallery owners have encouraged a remarkably unpleasant Facebook trolling campaign against Gallery 110 in an attempt to censor the exhibit.

Gallery 110 is a ‘happening’ place right now. Consider traveling for a romantic and adventurous weekend in Seattle – come to the Artist Talk or the Reception.

Angry White Men
Gallery 110, Seattle
September 6-29, 2018
Artist Talk: September 21, 5-6 pm. “Why Paint Angry White Men?” – “Why Paint Notorious Women?”
Reception: Saturday September 22, 6-7 pm

Let me know (RSVP) if you are coming to the Reception so we have enough wine. I will be providing subsidized covered parking directly across the street from the Gallery from 4 PM until 7:30 PM. Thank you for your support!

Yours, David

6 thoughts on “80+ Views of Mount Baker | Controversy in Seattle

  1. Margot Van Allen

    Hello, David,
    All the best for a successful show. The angry reaction iwas no doubt generated by Trump, then ricocheted
    towards your angry men. This can’t help but increase your gallery attendance, and perhaps generate sales of your brilliant work!!
    Perhaps carry a reflective umbrella …?,
    Margot Van Allen

    1. David Haughton

      Dear Margo, It has been brutal. Quite a learning experience. But you are correct: Trump was my stimulus to shift over from Bad Guys (general) to Angry White Men (specifically Trump supporters and fascists/Trump-like supporters in other countries)

      Coming to the reception of landscapes Saturday? 4-7PM
      I’ll be dropping off invitations and posters at BCCH ER either tomorrow or Thursday Morning

  2. William Minter

    Congratulations David. Let’s hope that controversy sells. I hope you get lots of interest in your show while at the same time resolving amicably the bizarre reactions of your neighbors.

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