Angry White Men III: The Puppet Masters

Angry White Men III exhibition view

Busy times at the Visual Space Gallery on Dunbar in Vancouver, B.C.

Island Paintings III, my exhibition of landscapes, ended on Wednesday evening October 7. After a hectic 36 hours – during which landscape paintings were taken down, wall fastenings and screws removed, holes patched, patches sanded, and walls painted – a completely different set of works was laid out and hung. Angry White Men III: The Puppet Masters opened at noon on Friday, October 9, 2020. If you missed the landscape exhibit, I hope you’ll visit and see a dozen paintings in the lower gallery.

“Decency these days requires the ability to stare barbarism in the face, randomly, intensely, without ever becoming inured to the ugliness of its features.”
– Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker

Angry White Men III exhibition view

Barbarism, hatred and prejudice fill the world right now, and in the US, at least, have been driven in large part by the Puppet Masters. These are the ruthless and intelligent men who foment division, fan racial and religious prejudice, and spread false information, thereby allowing them to control their minions, winning influence, wealth and power.

I have painted large portraits of 20 of these Puppet Masters, and I’m exhibiting the paintings with a sampling of earlier paintings of their gullible followers from the earlier Angry White Men and Mug Shot (puppets) series.

Angry White Men III exhibition view

My friend and fellow-artist Ian Penn helped curate the exhibition, placing the Puppet Masters paintings on the gallery walls so that their eyes command the room, and then crowding the paintings of their minions toward a coordinated chaos in the back, echoing the “malignant alchemy” of the Puppet Masters’ black art. Please view images of the exhibition and the work of putting it together.

My goal as an artist is to depict, with unflinching honesty, the world in which we live. Come face our reality, and, with me, resolve to change it for the better.

Days of COVID19 – Let’s stay safe
I’m taking every precaution. I have been loaned a HEPA air-filter machine. Masks will be worn by all visitors, physical distancing maintained, and a maximum of 10 people will be in the gallery at any time. Surfaces will be disinfected frequently. I’m booking appointments, so please write to and let me know what time work for you, or to ask questions about any work that intrigue you.

With affection and respect, David

Visual Space Gallery, 3352 Dunbar Street, Vancouver
October 8-21, 2020
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3 thoughts on “Angry White Men III: The Puppet Masters

  1. Alex Fairfield (aka Sandy from grad/med school)

    Bravo, David! Quite a change from your past subjects. I wish I could visit Vancouver, but at least I can enjoy life in Central Coast, California even in the middle of this terrible pandemic perpetuated by the Trump Administration.

    1. Nicholas J. Pisaris

      David, this is quite a change from the works of art you showed in Greece many years ago which were lovely paintings of the islands, etc. I enjoyed those immensely, but also enjoy the work you are producing now which are an indictment of the current situation throughout the world. Keep it up.

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