August 2017 – Exhibition News

A preview of frantic preparations for my September 2017 exhibition!

40 VIEWS OF MOUNT BAKER: Homage to Hokusai

September 14-27, 2017
Visual Space Gallery, Vancouver
Reception: Saturday, September 16, 4-7 PM
Artist’s Talk: “Hokusai and Me”, Sunday, September 24, 2017

I’m on Quadra Island with friends and family, and painting a few hours each day. All are started… it’s the finishing that I’m working on. I’m excited about the arrangements so far, including –

• I’ve arranged for the show to be professionally hung by Brandon Theissen and Co.
• I’ve alerted Chef Clare to provide fantastic food and her gracious catering team for the reception.
• Graeme Warren of Westart is preparing his excellent floating frames for the works.
• I “volunteered” my sister and nephews to address invitation envelopes (if I have your mailing address, you should receive one shortly).
• I’ve booked adverts in Preview Magazine and the Georgia Straight.
• Mia Johnson of Kits Media, my website maven, has posted nine of the finished paintings on the web.

Now I’m hoping that you will come to the show!

View from Straight, off Whidbey Island. acrylic on multimedia artboard, 2017, 7 x 18 inches

If you live far away, I hope you’ll take the time to look at the new paintings online.

Please come to the reception Saturday September 16, 4-7 PM.

Let me know if you’d like to preview the show Wednesday late afternoon September 13 – after the show is hung, but before it is officially open (the “vernissage” in Europe).

I’ll be giving an Artist’s Talk on “Hokusai and Me” on Sunday September 24, 2017.

With great affection, David

7 thoughts on “August 2017 – Exhibition News

  1. bob krance


    I wish we lived closer. It would be Pam’s and my pleasure to attend your exhibition. Think of you often as we are surrounded by a number of your early pastels and line drawings.


    Bob Krance

    1. David Haughton

      Dear Bob & Pam, It would be seriously cool to have you come up for a show. Vancouver is beautiful; I also show in Seattle. Thank you for all your kind words with affection and respect David

  2. Mimi Tutihasi

    I thought I should give you my personal home Email address as up until now I have had you using my work one so I could forward it to people at work – but I worry that our company might not appreciate it. So could you either send your newsletters and pictures to both or just my personal Email address? Thanks. Hope to see you in Seattle again in the future.

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