Island Paintings

Welcome to a sample of available works from four exhibitions of Island Paintings. If you are interested in viewing more of these series or other island-inspired works, please see Island Paintings under Exhibitions.

Views from the Spit – I’ve visited Quadra Island every summer for over 20 years and I start each day before dawn, walking Rebecca Spit and watching the sun rise over the Coastal Alps.

Top of the Island – The mountains of Quadra are richly forested. On clifftops, large open areas give access to views of ocean, mainland and surrounding islands. The dark lichen-flecked granitic basalt is carpeted with a patchwork of thick olive green and straw-colored moss.

Views from Above – Aerial views of the interdigitating islands of the Salish Sea.

Views from the Ferry – Glimpses from the picture windows of the inter-island ferry boats.