Ships, Mountains, Sea I-IV

Welcome to a curated sampling of available works selected from past Ships, Mountains & the Sea exhibitions. If you are interested in viewing more of these series, and other Island-inspired works, you can view paintings from 1998, 1999, 2007 and 2021 Ships, Mountains & the Sea exhibitions

Ships with Windsurfers – I moved to Vancouver in 1991 and instantly fell in love with the Burrard Inlet: mountains, clouds, beach volleyball, sunsets – and freighters amidst a froth of sea planes, sailboats, and windsurfers. I found freighters the most interesting architectural objects in our landscape and employed their dark abstract mass as a visual counterpoint to tiny vibrantly colored sails.

View from Spanish Banks – I have returned again and again to certain locations – Strathcona, Ambleside, Lion’s Gate Bridge, Jericho Beach, Spanish Banks and the Second Beach pool – capturing subtle shifts of viewpoint and changes in lighting.

Nocturnes of the Burrard Inlet and Vancouver Harbor – I paint freighters in fading light: late afternoon, sunset, crepuscule, deepest night – and the gloaming before dawn. Their shapes distort as they slowly rotate with tidal flows. At night, their blur into the mountain background while weak lights glow from the cabins of their crew – transforming ships into mysterious fortified floating monasteries, with tangled cranes serving as rococo superstructure.