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Articulationg the Unthinkable
Canadian Medical Association Journal
August 2009
J. Lynne Fraser interviews Dr. David Haughton about the Kindertotentanz series.

Painting Through Emotional Pain
The Medical Post, June 2009
Dr. David Haughton discusses his artwork and explains the motivation behind the Kinertotentanz paintings and etchings.

A Convenient Rationalization
Just for Canadian Doctors, May-June 2007
A doctor bikes and paints his way through the European countryside and finds that the landscape and his perspective has changed with each decade.

CBC Radio, North by Northwest, May 13, 2007
Interview by Sheryl MacKay of David A. Haughton:
Artist and Pediatric Emergency Physician


For the past four years, Haughton has focused on the untamed landscapes, inlets and mountains in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia. These works feature West Coast subject matter, from freighters to windsurfers and bridges to beaches.
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Based on a series of sketches done in Europe between 1987-1990, these acrylics and watercolour paintings capture the dry hills and intense heat of Southern France and Spain, with views of the Loire Valley and the Mediterranean.
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The Deja Vue paintings, set in Europe and full of light and colour, represent some of Haughton’s finest work. Here you will find the startling contours of Greece with its abrupt and rocky islands; picture towering Normandy cliffs against the sea; and breathe the yellow ochres of fields in France and the deep red clay hills of Italy. There are vistas of roads through Spain, Moorish mountain fortresses in Northern Africa and a flash of Hungary.
Review, 2000   >>
Artist's statement, 2000  

Haughton’s earliest painting was done in watercolour. It continues to be a media that is exquisitely matched to his powers of observation. His early works capture his sensitivity to the effects of light and dark on landscape.
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