Island Paintings II opens Thursday March 5 at Gallery 110

You’re invited to the reception of Islands II at Gallery 110, Seattle on Friday, March 6. The paintings will be exhibited until Saturday March 28, 2020, when I’ll be giving an artist talk titled Islands and Poetry, followed by a closing party 3-5PM.

Cape Flattery I

Cape Flattery I, 2020

I just returned from Seattle and Gallery 110 where I watched our Curator, George Brandt, work his magic hanging the paintings in Island Paintings II. George has hung literally hundreds of exhibitions over the years, and he takes several hours looking at each work, moving paintings from in front of one wall to another, and then back again. It is like watching a chess grandmaster. He seeks to group works that speak to each other: to pair up paintings that make each other stronger and more noticeable.

Then the installation committee gets to work measuring and hanging in the pattern and groupings that he has devised. Please see the installation views at

Island Views II


Please come to the Opening Reception Friday March 6, 2020 from 5-7 PM. We are preparing excellent finger-food and will be serving wine. Please RSVP to so that we know how many are attending and we have enough for all to enjoy.

Please come to an artist talk I’ll be giving on Saturday March 28, 2020 at 2PM: Islands and Poetry. It will be followed by a closing party 3-5PM.

If the above celebration dates don’t work with your busy schedule, come visit me in the Gallery. I plan to be down in Seattle at Gallery 110 most Thursdays, and all the Fridays and Saturdays during March. I look forward to seeing you. Drop by during regular hours (11AM -6PM), or schedule a time that works for you by contacting our director, Trevor Doak, at

Top of the Island X

Top of the Island X

5 thoughts on “Island Paintings II opens Thursday March 5 at Gallery 110

  1. Alix Barbey

    Hi David,

    Still not getting to the Northwest any time soon, but just wanted to say that I adore that first painting in your newsletter. To me, it so captures the drama of our western coastline and the roiling Pacific ocean, along with the twisted coastal conifers surviving windswept conditions.

    Thank you so much for keeping me on your mailing list. I love seeing your work (even if it is from afar).

    Hope you are enjoying your retirement from the ER. I continue to volunteer at the local wildlife rescue center (WildCare in San Rafael) and at Marin Humane, so I am indulging my love of animals quite to my heart’s content.


    1. David Haughton

      Dear Vivian,
      Thank you for your kind words. I miss seeing you, although I miss not the politics of medicine that had me over at your home, talking with Ralph. with great affection and respect, David

  2. David Haughton

    Dear Alix,
    Thank you for your kind words about my paintings.
    I’ll keep looking South to see if you are on the way….

    with affection and respect,


  3. Peter Chamberlain

    Dear David,

    Congratulations! Your letter, etc arrived a couple of days ago. More beautiful work! Hope to send you some images of my most recent assemblages soon. Hope your opening is a great success.
    Ever a chance yo’ll get to the east coast? Maine is as remarkable in its own way as your area is.

    All the best,


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