January 2018 – Newsletter

At 0700 on Sunday October 29, 2017, at the end of my last overnight shift in Pediatric Emergency, I packed up some photos, handed away my medical textbooks, and cancelled my medical license. As of that moment I became a full-time artist.

A donation – an opportunity in February 2018
I have donated View from the Balcony IV from the 40+ Views of Mt. Baker series to the silent auction at the 23rd annual For Children We Care gala on Saturday, February 17, 2018. If you are interested in making a donation to BC Children’s Foundation in support of the Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children Enhancement Initiative, and want a memento of the donation, consider attending the gala and bidding high enough to get this painting. Or contact Joanne Poon at joanne.poon@bcchf.ca and ask how you can bid. The bidding should start at regular price of the work: $1300.

An excuse for a journey: my exhibition in Seattle – in March 2018
40+ views of Mount Baker: Homage to Hokusai is scheduled for March, 2018 and will include many new paintings of the sacred volcano known to First Nations as Koma Kulshan, or “white sentinel crater”. Michael Abraham, another Vancouver area painter, will be showing his paintings as well. The Canadian Consulate for Seattle is sponsoring the reception on Saturday, March 3, 2018. Please come! I will be mailing invitations as well, but as of this moment, consider yourself invited! Please RSVP if you are coming. It’s an excuse for a romantic weekend getaway!

40+ views of Mount Baker: Homage to Hokusai
March 1-31, 2018
Gallery 110, Seattle WA
Reception: Saturday, March 3, 5-7 PM – please RSVP to haughton-art@shaw.ca
Artist’s Talk: “Hokusai and Me”, Saturday March 10, 2018

I share a view of studio preparations for my March 2018 exhibition 40+ VIEWS OF MOUNT BAKER: Homage to Hokusai. If you’d like to preview the show in the Vancouver area, please attend an open house Sunday afternoon, February 18 from 1-4 PM at the purple house in New Westminster. Come have coffee, tea or a glass of wine with us. Email me and let me know you are coming.

With great affection, David

9 thoughts on “January 2018 – Newsletter

  1. Janine Thomas

    David, on the one hand I am very sad that you are no longer a MD. We need great physicians like you. On the other hand I am very happy that you will be able to pursue your passion fully time.

    I am also sad that I will not be able to attend the Seattle event. On March 3rd, my sister and I get on the plane for our next big adventure – trekking to Everest Base Camp. Picture and stories will be provided on my return at the end of March if only to prove that I actually did it!

    Love to Lyne and you

    1. david haughton

      That is very exciting; very excellent!
      Come to the open house in New Westminster Sunday February 18 1-4PM if you can
      A little less hectic than the Gallery opening, perhaps

    2. David Haughton

      Dear Janine,
      Travel safely – watch out for Yeti & abominable snowmen

      Come by on Sunday (tomorrow) and say hello?

      with affection and respect, David

  2. Sheila Pritchard

    Hi David
    hello David
    Congratulations on your transition to a full time artist.
    Thank you for all of the help you have given me with my patients in Emergency over the many years we have both worked at BCCH. We are all so silo’d now that I rarely see anyone from outside of my division.
    I wish you success and fulfillment in your new full time occupation
    Best wishes

    1. David Haughton

      Dear Sheila, Thank you for your kind words and encouragement
      You were always there for your patients which impressed me greatly.
      with affection and respect,

  3. Murielle Prudhomme

    Congratulation on your well deserved retirement . How wonderful it is that you will have more time to dedicate yourself to the art world. I am sure you will find it a peaceful and rewarding change of pace . We are in the mist of a major renovation in our home but a side trip to Seattle would be a welcome break. Thanks for the invite.
    Murielle Prud’Homme
    Past life.. BMO banker

  4. Susan Fitzpatrick

    David – how wonderful that you are now at that place where you can pursue art full time! Of course medicine is losing a gem – but that’s OK. You always were advanced and I can not wait to catch up. The new paintings are beautiful… mazel tov, SUSAN

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