Newsletter December 2021

Welcome to old friends and new connections – in particular, to all the people who came to my exhibition this Fall at the Visual Space Gallery. Thank you for coming!
David Haughton

Ships, Mountains & the Sea V: Thank you those who brought delicious fruit from their garden/desserts/quince jelly/wine/flowers. There was no reception, but there were several “come-see-Lyne” days, which were extremely popular, as was to be expected. Thank you, as well, to those farther away who could not come in person, but reviewed the show online.

My paintings in a museum: This October the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) opened its newest year-long exhibition, Healing-and-the-Art-of-Compassion-(and-the-lack-thereof!), inspired by a conversation between the Dalai Lama and Curator-Founder Rebecca Alban Hoffberger. Three of my Angry White Men – Explorations of the Face of Evil series were included – three years after my Seattle exhibition of the works received an ugly trolling worthy of Cassandra, and ten months after the January 6th coup-attempt, an example of what I had been warning about. My wonderful friends Steve Bova and Eunchung Park live across the Baltimore inner harbor from AVAM – and toured the exhibition. Eunchung had this to say:

Yesterday we found your paintings hanging beside another artist’s depiction of an “evil” human – i.e. Hitler – a painting I initially found more striking in depicting evilness. This morning, I woke up in a contemplative state with your images in my head. I remembered the painting of Dylann Roof – the colors, the composition, and the blankness of his expression. Your work seems to have a lasting effect – inducing me to think about them afterwards, in contrast with the other artist’s painting that got my immediate attention but was not necessarily thought provoking. I wish you were at the museum to tell us what your vision was in painting them. (Quote slightly edited for length)

The long answer to Eunchung’s question is in this catalogue.
David Haughton


A worthy cause – Talent is everywhere; opportunity, unfortunately, is not. My artist-collective Gallery 110 is doing something about it – with an Emerging Artist Program (EAP) offering scholarship memberships in the Gallery which include a solo exhibition and mentorship in life as a professional artist. I am donating all proceeds from any of my works sold through Gallery 110 during December & January to the EAP. Please help by buying a painting as a nice “stocking stuffer”. Just email our Director, Shayley Timm (copy me, as well, so I can thank you, and follow-up). You can also DONATE HERE; any amount will help.

David Haughton

David Haughton

Please stay safe. Living in interesting times, indeed! Delta is still ripping through the unvaccinated, but Omikron is infecting everyone at an unprecedented rate. Borders that just reopened are snapping shut. Dread as to the degree of its threat overarches all. Covid travels on the air like cigarette smoke. Please stay safe (KN95-masked indoors, small bubble, eschew large gatherings, get boostered) and remain constantly vigilant. Let’s hope we get no more Greek letters added to our everyday vocabulary.

Holiday Greetings. I hope this short missive finds you all safe and warm, in good health and spirits; with great affection and respect, David

5 thoughts on “Newsletter December 2021

  1. Joan Tayler

    Glad to see you have been busy doing more new paintings. Also good to hear about your support for emerging artists. Just bought an extra box of N95s and we have a quarantine’s worth of food in the pantry. Most important, Joan is finding people in the polymer clay interested in her color mixing system. And of course, I am still following up the social identity questions your Angry White Doofuses raise.

    Best wishes for the Solstice.
    Hugh and Joan Tayler

  2. Bill Minter

    Merry Christmas David,
    Minters are gathering and not. As we were trying to figure out safe Covid protocols for the cousins to celebrate Christmas together separately outside, George bailed and decided not to come at all. Smart. Meanwhile, his daughter has already flown in from California.
    Those of us who gather will be outside singing Christmas carols on Christmas eve and your strong Hughes Road baritone will be missed.
    Wishing you and Lynn all the best for a Safe Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Bill Minter

  3. Wesley Wenhardt

    Great newsy upbeat news letter.
    Thrilled to learn that angry white men are now being hung in Baltimore.
    Wish you and Lyne
    Happy and Safe Holidays

  4. Thelma mccarthy

    I have been following your work but unable to communicate to tell you how
    Moving and aesthetically lovely they are. You may not remember me ..
    Thelma McCarthy. I am always happy to see your recent work and try
    To encourage painters I know in Washington and Oregon to go and see
    Your excellent work. I hope you get this message
    Continued success

  5. Alex Fairfield

    Dear David!
    I thoroughly ‘enjoyed’ your catalogue of Angry White Men. Thank you for being so forthright and looking truth in the face, actually painting the truth of evil faces in our society. I wish more people, especially those in Congress, had been point-blank about saying what they were seeing going on. Perhaps because your family and my family suffered under the Nazis, we could pick up on the ugly social and political trends more quickly than many of our peers. I have broken off friendships because of my friends’ denial of what was happening in our politics. Despite the darkness in this series of paintings, I know you to be ordinarily a fun and light-hearted person! We enjoy your landscapes, seascapes, etc.
    We hope someday to travel up to Canada and visit you and Lyne!

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