Newsletter July 2023

Dear friends, Greetings from too-sunny and too-dry Vancouver.

Radio silence
– For the last eight months I have been working like crazy in my home studio. By the end of July, I plan to be ready for three exhibitions: Vancouver (September 2023), as well as Edmonton & Seattle (Spring 2024).

The cost: I have neglected my friends. I paint for six hours, break to make dinner for Lyne, then, before my planned early bedtime, sneak back to the studio “just to look at today’s work”. Once there, I realize what’s wrong…. the surface of the water is too homogeneous …it needs a color-shift across the painting. Next thing I know, it is 3 AM, and my plans for the next day, such as ‘wake up early and write to friends’, are shredded.

Well, I am finally writing friends. I am also booking outdoor kaffeeklatsches, alfresco backyard visits and dinners by the sea during Summer and Fall. Come visit! I am hoping to connect with friends new and old during the warm and dry BC summer and fall.

Seattle Art Fair July 27-30, 2023
Ten Gallery 110 artists have joined forces in a booth again this year. I will be showing paintings from my upcoming Vancouver show The Inlet at the Seattle Art Fair. I have some entrance passes to give to friends. Please get back to me if you can use one. I was interviewed by a new Seattle Times ‘economics of art’ reporter. She wrote this interesting article about the Fair.

Revised Website
This summer, I simplified my website, making it more user-friendly. You can still see every work of the last ten years in Exhibitions, but I now offer a hand-selected sample of still-available works from my most collected series – a “tasting menu”, if you will. Please see Selected Available Work. Every work of the last twelve years remains archived in Exhibitions.
The Inlet (Ships Mountains & the Sea VI)
September 14-27, 2023, Visual Space Gallery, Vancouver
I moved to Vancouver in 1991 and instantly fell in love with the Burrard Inlet: the mountains, clouds, beach volleyball, sunsets and huge ships amidst a froth of sea planes, sailboats and windsurfers. Please come see my newest paintings, celebrating our wonderful, shared landscape. Look for your invitation in September. Drop by. Let’s catch up on all your adventures and doings!

New Studio
Contact me and we can arrange a quiet private tour of my new studio space, visit together and share a coffee or a glass of Pinot Noir. With great affection and respect, David