IN THE TIME OF COVID19 – May 18, 2020


It will be some time (18 months?) before a “new normal” is reached and everyone has either been exposed to Covid19 or has received an effective vaccine. For now, the border is closed, Washington State remains locked down (but about to slowly loosen restrictions), and we are home in British Columbia safe and self-isolated.

We read of serious suffering by so many people who work so hard, for so little, and with such a tenuous safety net, if any. We recognize the profound dedication shown by so many health care and essential workers who are overwhelmed and feel vulnerable.

Lyne and I have focused on remaining generous, calm, patient, and connected to our family, friends, neighbors and fellow humans – while remaining two meters distant and frantically scrubbing our hands. Please take care and be safe, my friends.

View from the Beach House XV

View from the Beach House XV, 2019, Acrylic on Multimedia Artboard, 11 x 30 inches

ISLAND PAINTINGS II AT GALLERY 110 will finally head back home to Canada Thursday, May 28, 2020
On March 3, 2020, I wrote excitedly of watching the Gallery 110 installation team hang this group of Island Paintings. The reception on March 6 was nicely attended, but one could feel the uncertainty building, and a number of Seattle friends communicated last minute decisions to stay at home, worried about family safety.

How prescient they were proven! Although no one became sick by attending the vernissage, by the next Thursday, when I returned to sit the Gallery, Seattle was a different city, the streets almost deserted. I escaped northwards the next day, March 13th, having heard rumors of a impending Trumpian National Guard quarantine of Seattle and a plan to seal off of the border with Canada.

I haven’t been back south since.

Island Views II
My exhibit is still on the walls of Gallery 110, like a fresco in an unexcavated villa in Herculaneum: silent, vibrant, waiting to be rediscovered. Please take a look:

Seattle will be opening up, slowly, and very carefully. People will be able to walk about – carefully. Gallery 110 will reopen. It is now almost time to bring these paintings home to Canada. I plan to drive down on Thursday May 28th and pack them up for transport.

Island Views IIIf you would like an island painting to “trigger joy” while awaiting the new normal… or want to consider investing in a piece of the “island experience”’, please let Trevor Doak, our Gallery Director, know in the next two weeks. Contact him either at, or by calling or texting him at 206-618-7273.

Trevor will hold any work you are considering for June/July, when you can safely, by appointment, come in and see it. Gallery 110 will be following physical distancing rules and maintaining frequently disinfected surfaces. We’ll also ask all visitors to sign in (like South Korea) to allow contact tracing.

I will be donating proceeds from any sales made from this show during the next two months to the Gallery 110 Emerging Artist Program, to help young King County artists.

With great affection and respect, David

7 thoughts on “IN THE TIME OF COVID19 – May 18, 2020

  1. Nell Kruger

    Hi David!
    Always glad to receive your missives and a glimpse of recent works. The vibrancy of colours is a real lift in these strange times. And, oh, the ferries–so reminiscent of our Cape Clear transportation.
    Both of us wishing you and Lyn continuing healthy and busy lives.

  2. David Papau

    Happy to learn you and your family are well. Having opened your show in Seattle during the early outbreak of Covid-19 in WA state must have been a major worry for you.

    Keep well.
    David Papau

  3. Sharron

    So sorry your viewing could not be taken in due to pandemic. My trip to Normandy -Abby Mondy has been planned over the last 2 years and will now be put off until ??? Very sad

  4. George Minter

    Such nice works, David. Good to know you are painting, seemingly doing so well, happy and are safe. Best to you and yours.

  5. Vivian garber

    Hi David, your paintings are beautiful – just what we need in these trying times. Ralph and I both enjoy them very much. Keep well and keep painting.

    1. David Haughton

      Thank you Vivian for your kind words and friendship. I miss you. You are both such good friends, good people.
      Please stay safe – you both and all your family.

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