Newsletter Spring 2021

View from Rebecca Spit XXV

View from Rebecca Spit XXV

Dear friends, I hope you all are well, in good spirits, and either vaccinated or scheduled. I look forward to a return to something like our old freedoms, but with greater awareness and sensitivity to both vulnerabilities and privileges.

New paintings in 2021
Early this year I painted 12 additional Island Paintings which are now posted on my website. Some have you may already have seen them posted on Instagram & Facebook. I’m inspired to do several more paintings of Surge Narrows off Quadra Island, perhaps with a few colourful kayaks and/or the Quadra Island Discovery Lodge in the foreground.

In 2020, I finished a five-painting series I called View from 11th Floor Condo. The series had its origin in a commission from friends. Three paintings from the series are now hanging in Vancouver International Airport and will be moving between different terminals over an 18-month loan. YVR has both a fantastic collection of art and a generous program of exhibition by local artists.

View from The Condo 11th Floor (Sunset - Southwest)

View from The Condo 11th Floor (Sunset – Southwest)

View North from the Endowment Lands IV

View North from the Endowment Lands IV

Ships, Mountains & the Sea V
September 23 – October 6, 2021
In January 2021, I finished another 5-painting series, View from the Endowment Lands, also a commission.

This painting and the one above will be in my Fall 2021 exhibition at the Visual Space Gallery, Ships, Mountains & the Sea V, September 23 – October 6, 2021. I am reprising the theme of four exhibitions held in Vancouver 20 years ago. Please visit my website to see new works as they are posted.

An update on my darker, figurative work
Three paintings from my “Face of Evil” series – ‘mug shot’ portraits of three white nationalists – have been selected for a year-long exhibition opening Fall 2021 at the American Visionary Museum (AVAM). The curator is including them for a contrast to the otherwise optimistic and idealistic theme of the show. Sitting at a corner of Baltimore’s inner harbor, brilliantly designed, and filled with astounding art by self-taught artists, the AVAM is one of the world’s most under-appreciated showcases for art. Check it out! I’ll be inviting everyone there for a celebratory dinner later this year when it is safe to travel.

Meanwhile a revised and updated booklet on the Puppet Masters and their Angry White Men has been mailed to over 80 Canadian curators. An updated version is available on my site. You can actually “turn” the pages – it is cool! – although it does take a little while to load. The horror of the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Congress made me feel a bit like the Trojan priestess Cassandra, fated to always foretell the future accurately, and never to be believed. As James Baldwin wrote, “Nothing can be changed until it is faced”.

With affection and respect, David

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  1. Taras

    Hello David

    It’s wonderful to witness the fruits your productivity, and to be reminded of your productivity and your devotion to documenting and communicating what you observe and interpret in the world.

    I second your motion to” look forward to a return to something like our old freedoms, but with greater awareness and sensitivity to both vulnerabilities and privileges.”

    Cheers and carry on, my friend!

    With love and longing for better times!


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