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Upcoming Exhibits August & September 2019


August 2-4, 2019
CenturyLink Field Event Center, Booth G03

Big news! Gallery 110 will be part of the 2019 Seattle Art Fair, with 13 of our members exhibiting in Booth G03. I will be showing twelve paintings from 80+ Views of Mount Baker, shown in Vancouver in September 2018, as well as selected works from 40 and 40+ Views of Mount Baker. In addition, in honor of the opportunity, I’ve painted three new large Mount Baker works. I have a few free VIP passes for anyone who would like to visit the Fair. Get back to me immediately if you are serious about attending! Continue reading

Vancouver art exhibit explores rise of rage and racism

Interview with Cathy Kearney, CBC News, March 24, 2019

“An A-frame sign with a painting of an angry, white man outside a Westside Vancouver art gallery is a jarring juxtaposition to the spring morning calm.

The image, which elicits double takes and stares from passersby, shows a spiked-haired man in a green jacket, with eyes bulging, mouth open, yelling in fury.

It’s one of a series of portraits called Angry White Men by Vancouver artist David Haughton, who says he wanted to explore the rise of rage and evil among hate groups and some disenfranchised people.

“They are appalling images and they are saying stuff that is deeply disturbing,” said Haughton of men depicted in the series.”


READ IN FRENCH Une exposition d’art à Vancouver dénonce la montée de la rage et du racisme


A Week of Angry White Men

Angry White Men II is now on display at the Visual Space Gallery.

I invite you all to attend the Artist Talk this Sunday March 24, 2019 , 1-2 PM “Why Paint Angry White Men?” Questions and discussion to follow. Please come.

I’ve had all sorts of responses to this exhibit so far: “Intense”, “Fascinating work” and even “Epic!” (from a passing 11-year-old boy). It is a difficult exhibit, full of colorful paintings with distasteful subject matter, made all the more painful by how closely it reflects the reality of today’s world.

Between the time of an interview with CBC’s North by Northwest on Thursday morning and the airing on Saturday’s radio program, the horrific events in Christchurch New Zealand occurred. I take heart knowing that one brave man pursued the killer and likely saved many more people by doing so. These terrorists are bullies and cowards, wildly and willfully misinformed.

A big thank you to all who came to the reception on Saturday evening. The delicious food was made by Chef Claire. The paintings were framed by Graham Warren of Westart and hung brilliantly by Cole and Moses of Thiessen Art Services. That so many people came and looked and talked and understood made me proud to be a Canadian.

Sheryl Mackay of CBC Radio interviewed me for her weekend program North by Northwest. She is wonderfully skilled at this, armed with insightful questions and a warmth that comes through in her voice and demeanor. I hope you will have a chance to listen.

I would also like to thank Gabrielle Lynch-Staunton who wrote an article in the BCMJ about my leaving medicine, available here as a PDF

I’ll be turning to landscape works for the next six months with my series of “Island Paintings” – in particular, paintings of Quadra Island and the Discovery Islands near and beyond Campbell River. I plan to show them mid-September at the Visual Space Gallery on Dunbar in Vancouver. The reception will be on Saturday September 14, 2019. Later next year, I plan to return for one more exploration of Angry White Men – this time focusing more on the truly evil puppet-masters: the trollers, enablers, and distorters of truth.

Angry White Men exhibit, Vancouver, March 2019

Angry White Men II – Further Explorations of the Face of Evil
Visual Space Gallery, 3352 Dunbar Street, Vancouver
March 14 – 27, 2019
Noon–5 PM daily

I began the series Angry White Men in late 2016, sparked by the sudden wide-spread enabling of racism, anti-Semitism, anti-immigrant violence, and anti-LGBTQ+ hatred that followed the U.S. election, as well as the simultaneous rise of the visible, public fascist demonstrator in both the US and Europe.

In setting out to paint these people and their rage, I sought not to glorify, but to warn – and perhaps – to nudge us to ponder: “why?” and “why now?”.

I decided that, as a white man, it would be presumptuous of me to paint the victims of these angry white men. However, I could legitimately explore “my kind”: the violent white perpetrators and their fury, ignorance and, all too frequently, mental illness and social failure. More importantly, I could also shine a bright light on those successful and intelligent white men who – with cold detachment – work to influence, manipulate and profit from their angry white brethren.

Please come and stand strong, staring them down, refusing to let them win.

Join me at the reception Saturday March 16, 5-7 pm or drop by and visit during the two-week exhibit. I should be there every day noon-5 pm with coffee and cookies.

The evolution of an “Angry White Man” painting
These are multi-layered works. The largest are painted on a type of hardboard: engineered wood made of steam-cooked and pressure-moulded wood fibres in a process patented by William H. Mason (hence “masonite”). The surface is covered with six coats of acrylic gesso. I then create what I think of as a “cave wall” – a thick layer of unevenly tinted white acrylic paint laid on with a pallet knife that when dry has the random texture of a stone wall. On that I paint a finely drawn underpainting. Then layer upon layer of glazes and scumbles, and further glazes. Please see the evolution of a painting by clicking through the thumbnails below.

Exhibition at Visual Space Gallery
September 12 – 25, 2019
Reception Saturday September 14, 5-7 pm

For those who prefer landscapes! I’ve started work on my September exhibition titled Island Paintings. There will be several series of works based on the Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island and the Discovery Islands, in particular Quadra Island, to which I return yearly. Please pencil the date on your calendar now and I look forward to seeing you.

To Seattle with Love

Taking paintings across the border
Although I am an American citizen, and there remains a free-trade agreement between the USA and Canada, getting a few paintings across the border to show in Seattle is a somewhat complicated and interesting process.

Three weeks before the exhibit, I pay a broker to create the paperwork listing painting titles, sizes, prices & weights.

Three days before the exhibit, I drive to the Pacific Truck crossing at 5 a.m. My Honda CRV is officially a “truck” and I have an official ‘Trucker license number’. Huge tractor-trailers are racing to merge into one line and my tiny SUV is crushed between them. My car is very vulnerable but more nimble, and I squeeze into the line.

When it’s my turn, I drive to the window – which is 10 feet above my car roof. I need to stand on tip-toes to hand over my passport and papers. Then I sit and wait while my car inspected, or sometimes x-rayed in a machine inside a covered shed with a 20-foot high roof. It’s always a relief to finally be waved through.

Party & receptions & shows
Thank you for reading this, and a particular thank you to those friends who came to my September receptions in Vancouver and Seattle!

For those who couldn’t make it September in Vancouver or Seattle, please see photos of the reception for 80+ Views of Mount Baker as well as installation views of Angry White Men, and I hope to see you next time.

Seattle brouhaha
September was a tumultuous month for me. I did not expect the backlash against the Angry White Men (AWM) exhibit. I considered there might be a public reaction, but instead it was fellow-artists, gallerists and left-leaning individuals who shocked me by wildly misinterpreting my exhibit in September, and haranguing and threatening the first days of the show.

I am profoundly grateful for what Seattle gallerist Greg Kucera wrote in early September, coming to my defense:

“David Haughton has produced a fine exhibition showing the underbelly of this country. Think of George Grosz’s paintings of the Nazis coming to power in the buildup to WW II Germany. And all manner of other protest art. Depicting them doesn’t glorify these people and their beliefs. It shows us who they are and what they mean to our world. This is the artist’s job.”

Things then settled down, but in the week before the reception on September 22, we heard a concerning rumor that a determined group were calling for a “meeting” to generate further community animosity toward AWM. We were forced to go to the police to lay out the threats that had been made, including threats of firebombing, ripping paintings off the wall and throwing them on the ground. However, in the end, nothing untoward happened; the reception was a great success, attended by friends and patrons as well as by Michael Wooff of the Consulate General of Canada, Seattle and some of his guests.

Nice painting available
Gallery 110 – The Holiday Show
December 6 – 29, 2018
Reception Saturday December 8, 4-7 PM

I took a particularly nice painting from the 80+ Views of Mount Baker series down to Seattle, titled Seattle Dawn – from West Seattle. Come see it at Gallery 110’s Holiday show which opens next week on December 6. You are also warmly invited to the reception on December 8.

Please note the holiday show is different than most shows. Collectors buy the artwork right off the walls and take it home, so come early!

Seattle Dawn – from West Seattle, Acrylic on Multimedia Artboard, 2018. 22 x 30 inches, $2800

September 25, 2018 – A Quick Newsletter

I hope you’ll be able to come by and see my show at the Visual Space Gallery on Dunbar: 80+ Views of Mount Baker: Final Homage to Mount Baker. The show has been extended another week, through 5 PM on Wednesday, October 3. The gallery is open every day from noon – 5 PM.

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday September 26, 2018) I’ll be giving an Artist’s Talk: “Hokusai and Me”, at 10-11 AM

In addition to the Artist Talk, I’ll be the Visual Space Gallery from noon – 5 PM Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday each week. Please join me for a latte & banana bread and chocolate-espresso brownies! It would be lovely to see you.

Yukiko Onley will attend the Gallery the other days while I’m down in Seattle at my other show – Angry White Men.

80+ views of Mount Baker: Final Homage to Hokusai
September 13 – October 3, 2018
Visual Space Gallery, 3352 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, BC

80+ Views of Mount Baker | Controversy in Seattle

I’m happy to say the last set of 8 paintings for my Vancouver show 80+ Views of Mount Baker: Final Homage to Hokusai are now complete and can be seen here on my website.

80+ VIEWS OF MOUNT BAKER – A Final Homage to Hokusai
September 13 – 26, 2018
Visual Space Gallery, 3352 Dunbar Street, Vancouver
Reception: Saturday, September 15, 2018, 5-7 PM
Artist’s Talk: “Hokusai and Me”, 10 AM Wednesday September 26, 2018

Brandon Thiessen will be hanging the series of more than 50 paintings this Wednesday, September 12. More than 40 are being shown in Vancouver for the first time. The exhibit opens at noon on Thursday, September 13.

We’ve got delicious food being planned by the most excellent caterer, Chef Claire, for the reception this coming Saturday, September 15. Please come!

Let me know (RSVP) if you are coming to the reception so I have enough wine, food, glasses etc. Let’s celebrate together the final installment of this homage to Hokusai, my artistic hero.

If you cannot make the reception, the show will be open noon–5 pm daily September 13 – October 3. It has been extended by one week. I’ll be there most days noon–5 pm and we can share a latte, cup of tea or, if late enough in the afternoon, a glass of wine, and catch up on life. Email me at and let me know you will drop by, or surprise me.


I’ve had a very interesting 48 hours since my show opened on Thursday. As you may remember, the full title of the show is Angry White Men: Explorations of the Face of Evil.

The gallery press release states, “Combine paintings of Notorious Women and Angry White Men and something explosive will occur: slap-stick comedy, melodrama or tragedy.”

I had thought there was a risk of attack from right-wing wackos. Nope! Not so far, at least!

Instead, a DJ, a few local artists and the owners of two small galleries in the same building have launched a coordinated attack. They somehow concluded that I am a “Nazi sympathizer” (because “my paintings were not ugly”). They were uninterested in dialogue – they would be satisfied only if I gave in to their coercion and took away labels, prices and, indeed, the ENTIRE SHOW from the gallery walls and the Gallery110 and my websites. The gallery owners have encouraged a remarkably unpleasant Facebook trolling campaign against Gallery 110 in an attempt to censor the exhibit.

Gallery 110 is a ‘happening’ place right now. Consider traveling for a romantic and adventurous weekend in Seattle – come to the Artist Talk or the Reception.

Angry White Men
Gallery 110, Seattle
September 6-29, 2018
Artist Talk: September 21, 5-6 pm. “Why Paint Angry White Men?” – “Why Paint Notorious Women?”
Reception: Saturday September 22, 6-7 pm

Let me know (RSVP) if you are coming to the Reception so we have enough wine. I will be providing subsidized covered parking directly across the street from the Gallery from 4 PM until 7:30 PM. Thank you for your support!

Yours, David

Angry White Men + 80 Views of Mount Baker

You are invited to two very different exhibitions of new work in Seattle and Vancouver in September 2018. Angry White Men further explores the Faces of Evil Series, while 80 View of Mount Baker completes the Mount Baker series. Both feature artist talks and opening receptions with refreshments.

ANGRY WHITE MEN – A Continuing Exploration of the Face of Evil
September 6 – 29, 2018
Gallery 110 at 110 Third Avenue S., Seattle WA 98104
Reception: Saturday, September 22, 2018, 5-7 PM – please RSVP to
Artist’s Talk: “Why paint Angry Men?” 5 PM, Thursday September 20, 2018

A new series of provocative paintings features portraits of neo-Nazis, livid gun advocates, and disenfranchised, resentful and angry protesters. Rich with texture, they capture the rage and violence of angry white men as they express their frustration, desperation and fear towards people who are not like them. The images are taken from news photos in France, Hungary, Bosnia, Poland, England, Scotland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada and the USA.

Angry White Men is showing at the same time as Notorious Women – an exhibition of paintings by my Gallery 110 colleague Li Turner. Her beautiful and provocative works provide an interesting counterpoint to mine. The reception will be 5-7 PM, Saturday September 22, 2018. Please come! I will be mailing invitations, but as of this moment, consider yourself invited, and please RSVP if you are coming. NB: It’s an excuse for a romantic weekend getaway, even if my works explore darkness, the city of Seattle is beautiful!

80+ VIEWS OF MOUNT BAKER – A Final Homage to Hokusai
September 13 – 26, 2018
Visual Space Gallery, 3352 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, BC
Reception: Saturday, September 15, 2018, 5-7 PM – please RSVP to
Artist’s Talk: “Hokusai and Me”, 10 AM Wednesday September 26, 2018

This will be the final installment of the series with at least 25 new works, as well as over a dozen shown only so far in Seattle. View works as they as added to the website.

Please plan on attending the reception on Saturday September 15, 2018. Come share some excellent food, a glass of wine, and toast the “old man crazy about painting” with us. Email me and let me know you are coming!

Gallery 110 in Seattle is where I have been able to exhibit my more difficult work – the Kindertotentanz, Bad Guys and now, Angry White Men. It is a small, artist-run, non-profit organization. I am asking you, please, to make a donation. We are raising funds with a goal of $5000, which will fully fund two 18- month Gallery 110 memberships for young artists. Your donations will give them the opportunity to work and exhibit with our non-profit gallery community. Any donation – large or small – will help! Donate safely using the Paypal “Donate” button on the Gallery 110 website.

With great affection, David

Last week of the Seattle Show!

Michael Abraham and I are having a very successful show in Seattle. It continues until this Saturday. We hope you’ll be able to come by this week if you haven’t had a chance. Please see a mention of our exhibits on Vanguard Seattle.

Over 350 people came through on First Thursday. Some actually gasped when they saw the works, which was a great compliment. On Saturday, March 3 over 90 people attended our reception hosted by the Consulate General of Canada, Seattle – represented by Michael S. Wooff, Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner, and Bryce Campbell, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Services Officer.

Visit me this week!
Let me know if you can come this week! Visit with me over a cappuccino (or a cup of tea) and have a piece of brownie or banana rum-raisin bread. I’ll be in the gallery on Thursday March 29 noon – 5 pm through Saturday March 31. Michael will be coming down on Saturday afternoon and the show will be over at 5 pm on Saturday.

Please view our work online at, and/or If you are seriously interested in a particular work you see online, contact me or Michael and you can reserve it.

I’m looking forward to the next exhibit in Vancouver in September. I’m planning to add at least 20 new works to the 40+ Views of Baker Series. The reception will be Saturday September 15, 2018 at the Visual Space Gallery on Dunbar – please mark it in your calendar now!